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Forever Growing


My story started being consumed with what I know now to be anxiety, often so much so I didn't  hear what was going on around me, my inner critic was very  loud.

I left school feeling totally inadequate with no direction or qualifications to speak of.

In my early twenties I had counselling and went to college and learned that  I was a bully, I systematically bullied myself putting myself down long before anyone else got a chance. Also, that  I had a specific learning difficulty which explained a lot.


As you can see, I have firsthand experience of searching for answers, change and for the right counsellor, additional to being a parent and therapist.

I believe that investing in our emotional well-being is ongoing, a daily practice, in the same way we eat nutritious food and exercise for physical health.

After all mind and body are intrinsically linked.


Thank you for taking the time to read my forever growing story.


Best Wishes 


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