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Counselling ~ Psychotherapy 

Counselling; Effective talking therapy offers a safe calming space to share what is going on for you, your experiences, at a pace mirrored by your individual need. Talking promotes reflection, connection offering insight into for example depression, anxiety, panic, feeling stuck or overwhelmed.  Sessions aim to support exploration, moving forward with a deeper understanding of your thoughts, feelings and behavioural patterns.


Counselling & Psychotherapy
Sliding Scale  

 £45 - £80
   Concessions available 
Block bookings
Young people


The counselling process
First Steps; book a free call back, an informal chat, an ideal opportunity to ask any questions.  
Next steps; a warm welcome to your first online appointment, the initial  consultation, a getting to know you sessions, creating a safe calming environment.  Together we get curious to establish a full and accurate picture, promoting understanding, informing clients individualised therapeutic plan. 
The initial consultation generally lasts 60 minutes with all subsequent sessions approximately 50 minutes. in duration.

Forever growing; moving forward developing a trusting therapeutic relationship, the foundation for growth.  Sessions promote exploration, self expression, moving away from unhelpful censored communication.  Through a process of repetition, due to the neuro placidity of the brain, we proceed to soothe the nervous system and establish effective updated strategies.
Sessions nurture connection, raise self esteem so generating new focus and healthy patterns.

 Hypnotherapy;  is offered both integrated, apart of the counselling process or stand alone, connecting to the subconscious, the part of memory which never forgets.  Painful experiences can become stuck, often without conscious memory playing out on repeat. Emotions and memories repressed, pushed down by way of self protection, however rising up, showing up in negative or intrusive thoughts, painful feelings and unhelpful  behaviour. Unresolved stress, trauma, low self worth also plays out in destructive relationships, interactions, communications, with self and others.  
Creating life long change: Together we create a safe calming space supporting a natural transition into a wonderfully relaxing state.
Always prioritising a safe and calm environment we gain powerful insight into for example of unhealthy sleeping, eating  drinking, exercise, smoking, procrastination, patterns. Equally gaining phenomenal understanding of  limiting beliefs, those which hold you back, keep you feeling stuck. so to heal and step into your power with updated with updated self belief, esteem, clarity and focus.
Reclaim your power and create phenomenal change, a life long investment, book your call back today click the button below

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