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Cancellation Policy

Forever Growing

Policy & Procedures


Your Privacy is our Priority 


Privacy Information

We are Forever Growing, you can contact us  

Tel:01257 448241 or 


We will keep the your  information for no more than 7 years and when possible delete it sooner if you ask us to

We use your information to respond to your enquires and so we deliver our therapeutic and well-being services to you 

We keep all of your personal information safe and secure 

We would like your consent to collect

some information about you to be able to provide our therapy and well-being, and to communicate with you when you ask questions about our service. 

Basic information is used so we can deliver the contract to you and more detailed information is used with your agreement, consent, so we can provide our therapy and well-being service; we will need sensitive information to provide a high standard service.

If you would like a copy of your information please just ask, and we will give to you.

If you change your mind about giving us your information or consent, you can ask us to delete it

If you have any questions please just ask, you can email us at

No information is shared, we offer a confidential service; unless we become concerned about safety and well-being and then we have to.

If want to find out more about the information we take and store, the contract, consent or all your privacy rights please just click.....  


Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your appointment we require a minimum of 48 hours prior notice, although we do take into consideration emergencies and other unavoidable situations, in which case we reschedule your appointment. Also noting therapist may have to cancel due to illness or emergency, in this situation we contact you and reschedule.


However, for a repeated late cancellation you may, at the discretion of therapist,  be required to pay half the cost of the session, please note for all subsequent late cancellations you will be charged in full price for the session.


All cancellations within the 48 hour time frame can request, if already paid, to be reimbursed or alternatively reschedule. 

Please contact on 01257 448241 or email

Privacy Policy
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