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Please take a moment to read just a few of our Testimonials 

“I was able to relax right away, from the start, so I found myself just opening up.  It was hard but needed and worth it.  I do deal with my feelings different now and I continue to write them down, in my journal.”

Pete. S

'I have seen a number of counsellors over the past couple of years in order to help me to overcome a few traumatic issues and to enable me to move forward  with my life.  I struggle with depression and anxiety so on top of the issues I was dealing with, I found everyday  activities difficult such as going to work and even driving).  Some counselling had helped me for a short periods of time but it did not seem to really deal with my issues so unsurprisingly after after a while I found myself back in the position I started in. 


When I contacted Jackie I was really struggling and starting to completely give up.  I'm so glad that I continued to try and find the right help for me, I cannot recommend Jackie enough.  I started with hypnotherapy and this enabled me to really find the causes of my problems and enable me to begin to deal with them properly.  We moved then moved on to normal counselling and I was able to connect  my anxious behaviours to the triggers and work through them rather  than distracting myself from them.  I felt really listened to by Jackie, she was empathic, professional and incisive in finding the issues and selecting the right tools and methods to deal with them.


My self esteem and confidence has gone from rock bottom to the highest it has ever been.  I genuinely can't remember the last time I was this happy, and at my lowest I didn't think I would be happy again.

Thanks again for all our help ! 


“Since I retired my attitude had become  incredibly negative which was affecting my everyday existence & relationships.  I have just finished a course of sessions with Jacqueline which has resulted in a complete reversal of this & due to her compassion, empathy, patience & skills I can look at the world in a totally different way.  I still get negative thoughts but I now can confront them & by doing this, she taught me to overcome them.


“I would like to say thank you for all your help.  You have helped me become more confident.”


  "I can't recommend  Jacqueline enough! I have suffered with anxiety for many years and when I face challenges in life, it rears its ugly head.  I recently applied for promotion, but the thought of attending an interview and giving a presentations filled me with dread.

I have had successful hypnotherapy with Jacqueline in the past and this was no different, through her calming hypnotherapy style and thoughtful considered approach, I was relaxed almost immediately and after the session I felt calm, centred and empowered.  I was able to use the tools Jacqueline taught me to take myself back to that calm feeling before, during and after my interview.

I can't thank you enough."

Jane H

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